Cape fur seals

Seven Gill Cow Sharks

Featured Dives


  • Dive price: R450 per person 
  • Equipment: R400 (Full gear)


  • Dive price: R250 per person 
  • Equipment: R400 (Full gear)


  • Dive price: R325 per person 
  • Equipment: R400 (Full gear)

Night Dives

Boat Dives

Shore Dives

We run regular shore, boat and night dives to varied and interesting dive sites around the Cape peninsula. Depending on your certification level, there are a number of options to choose from. We'll provide you with information on the choices available when booking, as weather conditions may restrict diving at some sites. But there is almost always somewhere to go for a dive. 

Guided Dives

Diving at night is and exciting and interesting experience. As on land, everything changes once the sun goes do​wn and this provides for an unforgettable adventure.

Diving off a boat offers a wider variety of reefs and wrecks not accessible from shore. It also let's us explore the deeper sites and the occasional dolphin and or whale watching opportunity.

With access to False Bay and the Atlantic coast, we really are spoiled for choice and variety. Not to mention some true hidden gems. And the best is that there is always somewhere to dive come wind, rain or shine.