Completing your PADI training in Cape Town is arguably one of the best ways to learn to scuba dive for a two main reasons:

Firstly, PADI (the Professional Association of Dive Instructors) is the world’s most respected and successful organization in recreational scuba diving, with more than 50 years experience. PADI is committed to product and service excellence, and to providing training and opportunity for all who seek to enjoy and safely explore and protect our planet’s oceans, lakes and waterways. PADI courses have been tried, tested and refined over the years and have proven their worth for millions of certified divers. With more students annually then all the other agencies put together. As a PADI Diver, you carry the most respected and sought after scuba qualification in the world. Your certification card will be recognized and accepted no matter where in the world you choose to dive.

Secondly, learning to scuba dive in Cape Town is a little more challenging than many other places around the world for a number of reasons, including equipment used and various environmental factors. Honestly though is fantastic as it means most scuba trips you do will be easier and as a result more enjoyable! 

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