Highlighted Dive

Swimming with on of the world's oldest shark species (the Spotted Seven Gill Cow Shark) should be on every diver's Bucket list! 

Make Diving your Life 

If you like the idea of the beach as your boardroom and the ocean as your office, here or in a tropical location, going pro is the way you. Start your career development with us.

Enriched Air course

Longer dives is only the first perk of Nitrox.. Get it!

 07 & 14 May 2018

Night Diver Course

See how the ocean changes after sunset.

22-23 May 2018

Oceanus Club Dive

Come meet local scuba junkies & explore our sites

15 April 2018 

  • Various Packages
  • Kids Diving programs
  • CPR and First Aid training​


Exploring the Cape

Already a certified diver? Let us now show you what scuba diving in Cape Town has to offer and why we think it's among the world's best. Whether from the shore or a boat, there are plenty of sites to choose from.

Begin your Adventure 

We know all about the amazing connection that occurs when man goes underwater and explores a whole new world. Learn to scuba dive and do your PADI training in Cape Town and we'll guide you on the awesome journey.

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Scuba Diving in Cape Town